Book Review: Burnt Sugar by Avni Doshi

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

Genre: Fiction/ General Fiction

Source: Waterstones online order


Antara has suffered at the hands of her mother for years, she was abusive and never showed her love or affection. Now, her mother is suffering with Alzheimer’s disease and is relying on Anatara to look after her. This is a story of a toxic mother- daughter relationship without closure.

What I Thought

This was so difficult to get into, it was so flat and relied so much on the premise of Antara’s mother being awful and now Antara has to care for her mother and it didn’t move much further past that. Her father never cared for her either but this was much more overlooked. There was a lot of women hating women in this book and it really didn’t sit right with me. I think it was unknowingly very mysoginistic and I struggled to get to the point of the book unfortunately.

The novel is shortlisted for the 2020 Booker Prize. I think that at some point down the line, I’ve really missed the underlying theme of this book. I think it’s gone over my head because of my initial issues with it. As the book progressed, I believe that Antara was a mirror image of her mother in some way, they were tied to eachother in such a strange way. I may have to read this again and try to have a different perspective on it.

Has anyone else read this book? I really want to see a different side of this book!

Thanks for reading,

Charlon ♦︎


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