The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern

My rating ★★★★★

“There are so many pieces to a person. So many small stories and so few opportunies to read them.”

I rarely pick up fantasies but each time I do I never regret it and always think ‘I need to read more’.

I got lost in this beautifully golden, honey dripped world of a magical underworld library. Time and Fate fought to be together, the Sun and the Moon ran away each month to be with their lovers and all of this was tied into an epic story of young Zachary and his journey to finding the starless sea.

The imagery in this book is enthralling, the concept is brilliant and I loved every page. It is a very lucid, magical story with lots of intertwining characters which I loved getting lost in and for this same reason, I did get confused towards the end of this book. It became difficult to keep up with the story and a lot of detail was lost for me. Although, I think that may be a contribution to how lucid it was.

I’m glad that I read this beautiful book and would recommend it to anyone who would love to get lost in all the stars and seas.

Thanks for reading,

Charlon 🐝