Reading Groups

A while ago now, I did a group read along for The Familiars by Stacey Halls. It was such a good experience! It was amazing and exciting to read the same book at the same pace with a group of others. I really appreciated being able to talk about what has happened, the characters and also see from other perspectives.

I am currently reading Rainbow Milk for a read-along. We are on day two of the reading (at the time of writing this) so we haven’t got through a lot of the book but I love Norman Alonso’s journey from Jamica to the England in 1958 and his experience being part of the Windrush generation. I find his perspective so engrossing and loved reading about his love for gardening. The character perspective has changed in the second section of the book and is set in 2002 so I’m sad that Norman’s perspective hasn’t continued but we will see how I get on with this book!

Do you like to take part in book clubs/ read-alongs?

Thanks for reading,

Charlon ♦︎


My First Month on WordPress

I’m so happy that I’ve joined WordPress. I feel like I’m now part of a fantastic book community and each day I’m so inspired by book blogger posts! I have always tried to get my friends to read the same books, to discuss them and love the same characters. I feel like I’ve joined a huge book club and I’m made up!

Especially with lockdown, I have been reading so much more and am loving the escapism books provide. I work as a barista and in these very quiet months I have been working alone so I’ve been able to read all day at work. I can’t imagine having customers sat in the shop again and not being able to read, it is a weird thought.

It’s been so exciting to learn something new with WordPress, to have something to work on that I already love so much and not worry about what I’ll do in my spare time. I feel like I’m taking my reading hobby to a whole new and exciting level. I feel so much more motivated in life at such a difficult time in all our lives, I can’t explain the joy this blog is bringing me.

I love to read other blogger’s reviews, TBRs and general book thoughts. I wish I had joined so much earlier! I’m in awe at all your blogs and your writings.

Thank you to everyone who has read my reviews so far, you are giving my poor friends and family a well deserved break from my talking! 😂

Thanks for reading,

Charlon ♦︎

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