Book Review: Writers and Lovers by Lily King

“I can’t go out with a guy who’s written eleven and a half pages in three years. That kind of thing is contagious.”

My rating: ★★★☆☆

Casey is suffering. She is suffering the loss of her mother, suffering in her restaurant job, her mental health, her physical health and the shitty dating pool of writers.

I’ve always found it weird to read about writers, I’ve never learnt about or followed authors because I feel people taint their work if that makes sense. It takes the magic away from books that are so ethereal, intelligent and heartwarming which a lot of times people are not. This is a naïve attitude I know and in reading reviews on Goodreads, I have noticed everyone also loved Euphoria by Lily King, maybe I should give it a read and finally get over this fear of following authors!

Themes of deep fear, pain and misogyny run through this book. All the way through I just wanted Casey to find a way to be ok. The book was an ode to how people are fickle, how hurtful love and life can be and the true suffering that goes on in life.

I wish Casey found a way to be ok in herself, and did not have to rely on a successful career to make everything ok. As soon as she got money, there was no comment on how she was dealing with the loss of her mother or the results on her hospital tests. I feel like the book ended where it shouldn’t have.

If you take the ending away, it is a raw account of the pains of love and loss. With it, it’s a tribute to how money solves all your problems.

Thanks for reading,

Charlon ♦︎

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? By Philip K. Dick

My rating: ★★☆☆☆

The opening themes in this book were top tier;

  • Dystopian
  • Colonies on Mars
  • Owning an animal as a class symbol
  • Androids passing as humans
  • Androids passing as animals
  • Bounty Hunter on a Android killing rampage to buy a real live ostrich to impress his neighbour

What more could you want?

The first two thirds of this book were fantastic but it all ended so weird. It’s like the author lost track and gave up. It descended into the main character describing android tits, cheating on his wife and becoming the god of human empathy. I was so disappointed. It all became very muddled at the end and it made no sense, I can’t even remember if he bought his ostrich.

I definitely got caught up on the opening themes and didnt let it go, maybe someone else can make more sense out of this one! It’s a shame for me because I love to read dystopian novels. I love that when all is gone, humans are still awful. The imagery of high rises, class systems, survival and money are all interesting and were still present in this novel but the ending has ruined it for me.

I feel like we’ve been spoilt with dystopian fiction such as 1984 and Farenheit 451 and have set the bar too high for novels like this to match up to. Although, I’m glad I read this because it was sat looking at me on my bookshelf for about 2 years.

Thanks for reading,

Charlon ♦︎

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The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern

My rating ★★★★★

“There are so many pieces to a person. So many small stories and so few opportunies to read them.”

I rarely pick up fantasies but each time I do I never regret it and always think ‘I need to read more’.

I got lost in this beautifully golden, honey dripped world of a magical underworld library. Time and Fate fought to be together, the Sun and the Moon ran away each month to be with their lovers and all of this was tied into an epic story of young Zachary and his journey to finding the starless sea.

The imagery in this book is enthralling, the concept is brilliant and I loved every page. It is a very lucid, magical story with lots of intertwining characters which I loved getting lost in and for this same reason, I did get confused towards the end of this book. It became difficult to keep up with the story and a lot of detail was lost for me. Although, I think that may be a contribution to how lucid it was.

I’m glad that I read this beautiful book and would recommend it to anyone who would love to get lost in all the stars and seas.

Thanks for reading,

Charlon 🐝

The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

My rating: ★★☆☆☆

This started with the promise of exploring the duality of love and hate and I was intrigued and excited to read on.

The imagery of strawberries running through this novel are fun and very unique. What was not so unique however were the traditional gender roles played out by the lead cisgender characters. It was hard to read in places because it reminded me of a typical ‘he’s a bastard but he loves me’ narrative and it turned me off.

A lot of this is my fault, I didn’t read reviews before buying this book and if I did I would have realised that it wouldn’t have interested me too much.

Not to put this book down too much though, it is a very easy read, it’s funny and I do believe a lot of people will like this book if a bit of smut and cute relationships is for you.

Thanks for reading,

Charlon ♦︎

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The Perfectly Imperfect Woman by Millie Johnson

My rating: ★★★★☆

This book was a gift from a friend, with a handwritten note wishing me a Merry Christmas.

It’s so lovely to be gifted books, especially with a note and it made me very happy!

Right from the beginning I was sold with this book, the lead character quits her job and bakes cheesecakes for a living!

I stormed through this book, there was a lot going on and it was funny, had an old-timely feel about it with its village settings and community feel and even a mystery to figure out.

I think it clashes in places though, the female character left her home and her city when she was humiliated that her lover (who was married) lied to her about his relationship with his wife. I think this is a horrible message to convey, he stayed in his job so why doesn’t she?

I think I just have issues with how authors decide to write their female characters, I blame reading all those books on feminism in uni it’s skewed my mind! But if you can look past this I would definitely recommend this book as my friend recommended it to me.

Thanks for reading ,

Charlon ♦︎