Book Review: Writers and Lovers by Lily King

“I can’t go out with a guy who’s written eleven and a half pages in three years. That kind of thing is contagious.”

My rating: ★★★☆☆

Casey is suffering. She is suffering the loss of her mother, suffering in her restaurant job, her mental health, her physical health and the shitty dating pool of writers.

I’ve always found it weird to read about writers, I’ve never learnt about or followed authors because I feel people taint their work if that makes sense. It takes the magic away from books that are so ethereal, intelligent and heartwarming which a lot of times people are not. This is a naïve attitude I know and in reading reviews on Goodreads, I have noticed everyone also loved Euphoria by Lily King, maybe I should give it a read and finally get over this fear of following authors!

Themes of deep fear, pain and misogyny run through this book. All the way through I just wanted Casey to find a way to be ok. The book was an ode to how people are fickle, how hurtful love and life can be and the true suffering that goes on in life.

I wish Casey found a way to be ok in herself, and did not have to rely on a successful career to make everything ok. As soon as she got money, there was no comment on how she was dealing with the loss of her mother or the results on her hospital tests. I feel like the book ended where it shouldn’t have.

If you take the ending away, it is a raw account of the pains of love and loss. With it, it’s a tribute to how money solves all your problems.

Thanks for reading,

Charlon ♦︎

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